Instructions - eServices Portal


  1. Services, Create account and Log on
  2. Forgotten Password/UserName
  3. How to complete an application/outline
  4. After the application has been submitted
  5. General about applications 
  6. Assessments (only for evaluators)

1. Services, Create account and Log on.

In the eServices Portal you can apply for a grant, submit reports, request a change in a current project or perform assessments.

You must first of all set up a user account:

  1. Click on Create account (skapa konto).
  2. On the next page fill in; username (användarnamn),  password (lösenord), repeat password (repetera lösenord), name (förnamn), surname (efternamn), e-mail address (epostadress), university/institute/organisation/company etc  (Universitet/högskola/institut/företag etc)
  3. Click on Create account (skapa konto).
  4. An e-mail is sent to the e-mail address entered when the user account was created. The e-mail contains a verification link. Click on the link to verify the e-mail address. This is necessary for you to be able to log on.
  5. You can now log on using the user name and password that you have defined.

2. Forgotten your Password/User Name

If you have forgotten your password click on "Glömt användarnamn eller lösenord?".  You will then receive an e-mail containing a link. Follow the instructions in the e-mail. You can also use this function if you cannot remember your user name.

3. How to complete an application/outline

Always start by finding out what is required to apply for funds within the call that you had in mind at The call may require special information. Once you have logged in to this Applicant Portal you will find the current calls on the start page.

You create an application by selecting the call on the start page and clicking on "Ansök".

This is how you upload an attachment:

  1. Click on the select “Välj fil” button.
  2. The select the file will now be uploaded to Vinnova`s server.
  3. Once the attachment has been transferred to Vinnova you will see the file name as a link, together with a “Ta bort bilaga” (remove) button in case you change your mind.

You can log out at any time and continue with your application at a later time. You will find your application under “Ansökningar” (Applications).

The last page of the application is called “Förhandsgranska och klarmarkera” (Preview and mark complete). If your application is not correctly filled in, this will be indicated by red text. If this happens, please go back and enter the missing information and save. Return to the “Förhandsgranska och klarmarkera” page for submitting the application and click the button “Markera ansökan som klar” (Mark complete and submit application).

A clock is shown on each page indicating the amount of time left before the call is closed. Double check on the last page of the application form what information is required to be filled in. When the call closes, it will not be possible to submit the application.

4. After the application has been submitted

A confirmation that your application/outline has been received by Vinnova will be sent to the person with the user account, the project manager and the company signatory (head of department or equivalent).

Always refer to the case number (diarienummer) stated in the confirmation of receipt whenever you contact Vinnova.

5. General about applications

  1. Always give yourself plenty of time when submitting an application/outline. Always leave margins for any possible problems. If you need any assistance with the eServices Portal, get in touch: or phone: +46 8-473 32 99. Support staff at Vinnova are not available after 16:30 local time.
  2. You cannot change a registered application. If the application deadline has not expired you can unlock "lås upp" the application, change it and then mark it as complete again.
  3. You can save a copy of the application by clicking on "Ladda ner kopia (pdf)" at the top right of the page.


6. Assessments (only for evaluators)

If you are an evaluator who is going to assess applications on behalf of Vinnova, log on with your user account. In the email you received from Vinnova there may be a verification link that you have to click on. When you have logged on click on "Bedömningar/Assessment" in the top bar. Here you will find the applications (Presentationsex av ansökan med bilagor) that you should assess. For each application enter your score and your comments and save. Your assessment will be automatically sent in to Vinnova so you do not need to send it in. You can change your assessment until the deadline (bedöm senast).